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The need of welcoming back Nature in our cities

Let me tell you a simple fact : By 2050, 68% of the global population will live in urban areas according to UN, this is a huge pourcentage. The more urban areas will develop, the more it will shrink our rural areas. 

The solution is crystal clear, we need to welcome back Nature in our cities and even more with global warming. Nature is the true answer to cool down these extreme temperatures in our cities, as trees are creating oasis of freshness. I'm always astonished in summer by the difference of temperatures between an area made only of concrete and an area welcoming trees.

Building again this connection with Nature & Food has become urgent because it has a direct impact on our consumption. This is where Urban Gardening has a true & meaningful proposition to help us welcoming back Nature in our cities. 

Hopefully, there are programs & great initiatives blooming around the globe where Nature is coming back as an essential component among our concrete jungles. Paris has created the largest urban farm in the world built on a rooftop, this urban farming phenomena is spreading around the world such as in Hong Kong where rooftop farms are being created in the middle of impressive skyline towers. There are also more & more small community gardens inside our cities, there are new ways of food distribution which are shorter, healthier & more local.

These numerous projects are coming to life as a solution to exploit unused or underused urban spaces to grow more responsibly & bring back some Green in our lives. 

And this is great news because Green has numerous benefits. According to many studies, our well-being is directly impacted by the view of the green colour. This colour has a direct impact sending to our brain notions of calmness, optimism, nature but it also increases our capacity of concentration. Green also has a direct effect on children development, the more a child is exposed to greenness, the more his cognitive area develops. So it is crucial for the growing urban population to move away from concrete urban jungles towards a more concrete future of green urban jungles.

You can be a part of this urban gardening movement by starting to grow your own food on small spaces such as window sills, a tiny balcony, rootftop, terrace or community spaces. If ever, there is a small garden down your apartment, I'm sure that your neighbours would be happy to welcome some green plants which could even offer organic vegetables to share?

Think about it, no need for a big garden to grow food, we can all do it even on a small scale!

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