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The amazing benefits of Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening have benefits which may change your life! Along my gardening journey, I quickly realised that growing your own food while living in a big city, is an eye opening experience! You will find below my own interpretation of these benefits. This list is not exhaustive, because surely you will have your own personal points to add to enrich this list : 

  • Knowing where your food comes from : One sure thing, you will finally know from where your food comes & how it has been grown. Indeed, it would come from your own urban space!
  • Developing more respect for vegetables & fruits : By growing yourself, you will surely acquire more knowledge on how this food is actually growing. Some varieties require a specific process, sometimes long or sometimes unexpected, I was blown away to learn how chicore/endives is growing for example. When you will have this food on your plate, you will view it differently with much more respect & awareness.
  • A beautiful & rewarding experience : You will very quickly realise that growing your own organic food is a beautiful & rewarding adventure. By taking care of these plants, you will also develop a relationship with them. The outcome of this healthy relationship will be their edible fruits, vegetables, roots or leaves.  
  • A personal satisfaction : What a pride to harvest them and have a true garden to table experience. I’m always so proud to simply harvest tomatoes from my balcony and serve them in a salad, or by taking some aubergines or courgettes, slice them & add them on my barbecue grill. I also love when I open one of my homemade tomato cans during winter, I never ever prepared my own tomato sauce before.
  • Starting cooking more healthy : On top of eating more healthy & organic, harvesting will also give a little kick to cook more, try new recipes and maybe you will cook some vegetables for the first time of your life!
  • Eating seasonal : You will have a better connection with seasons, so you will eat more seasonal which means also more diverse. When usually you would still buy tomatoes in winter, you will surely avoid this by growing & eating turnips, pak choi, different spinach varieties, lamb’s lettuce, winter radishes, swiss chard. There are many delicious & nutritious seasonal varieties to explore! 
  • Rediscovering the true taste : Growing your own vegetables and fruits will also allow you to rediscover the true taste of vegetables & fruits. There are so many nuances of tastes, textures, flavours. You will very soon say bye bye to the shiny red supermarket tomato which has absolutely no taste.
  • Developing your knowledge of flowers : To obtain healthy harvests, we need to attract these beloved pollinators. The relationship with them is a true win-win, they feed themselves from your flowers and in exchange they pollinate the flowers of your vegetables & fruits to give birth to your food. Feed them, they will feed you!
  • Reducing your organic waste by composting : Through gardening, you will be able to discover & admire the perfectly balanced food cycle Nature has created for us. By making your own compost at home, you will be able to reduce your organic waste, because actually nothing is a waste and on top of that the compost juice you will get will be an excellent fertilizer which will feed your soil & your plants.
  • Relieving from stress : Urban gardening is also be an excellent way to relieve from the stress of our urban lifestyles, you will find back the calm and you will allow yourself to have time to take a pause, observe, think. Gardening is a great way of meditating through this healthy connection with Nature.
  • Enjoying quality over quantity : You might not become self sufficient and this is not the ultimate purpose here, think about quality vs quantity. It will definitely impact what you will buy and develop again your relationship with food but also your whole perception of our perfectly balanced ecosystem.
  • Learning something true to transmit to others : And finally, as gardening is not taught at school, you will become this essential teacher who can then transmit a deep education & essential knowledge to our younger generations.

I bet your are convinced now! Check out this blog which will help you to select the right pots & containers for your urban garden.

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Happy Growing & Green Love!

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