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Cherry Tomatoes for your balcony - My Top 5

There are thousands of Tomato varieties around the world, some are very ancient ones & are still being cultivated. Among this impressive number of varieties, it's definitely not easy to make a proper top 5, but since I've not (yet!) tried to grow all of them, I will recommend you below varieties that I tried & that can fully grow in pots. All of these varieties will grow very well in a pot of 10-12L of soil.


They are clearly my favorite by far. These little green cherry tomatoes are an absolute delight. The plant produces abundant tomatoes that you can harvest almost during all summer. The taste is for me comparable to a candy, I simply love to pick some and eat them on the go in the garden. A wonderful garden snack!


These red cherry tomatoes have a the shape of a fig or a pear. Here also, the plant production can be quite abundant. I really enjoy them with a little bit of olive oil and a fresh burrata!


These cherry tomatoes have one of the highest concentration of Vitamin C. They have an adorable taste. Pick them early on to make sure their flesh is still thick.


These cutie green tomatoes are developing wonderful deep green stripes. They taste a bit jelly but tasty. Make sure to harvest them rather later than earlier. Their texture needs to be soft to deliver their full taste.


These dark & purple cherry tomatoes are extremely tasty on top of their really funny name. A must have on your balcony garden!

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